Personality based on Interior Design

An interior design concept far in the woods
March 31, 2017

Every individual has a combination of qualities that form their distinctive character. Though there are many tests online to determine one’s personality, such answers need not be from the tests but from the environment around you. You can judge a person’s personality just based on their interior design tastes.

Through our personality, we are defined because through it, we live our emotions. We unconsciously shape our life around our emotions, the mysterious force that attracts or repels people. We know when ‘it feels right’, and we know ‘if it fits’ us or not. Imagine a blank living room, the design you incorporate will determine your personality and your inner self.

If one imagines a living room with minimal interior design, it is a style that describes an extremely organized and efficient individual who has a well-defined pattern of design. They are the people who play by the book and layout things according to a plan. They would be methodical, efficient, determined and introverted.

Rather if one’s imagination carries a more Scandinavian style interior design, they would be similar to a minimalist, but in a different perspective. They value comfort, coziness, and warmth above efficiency and tend to be friendly and social whilst maintaining social boundaries. They are interested in culture, dependent on friends and connections and are elegant.

If an image of a pop art interior design was framed, you can expect them to be people who value intimacy. For them, each piece of furniture is an experience encapsulated into an artifact. They commonly have a vivid perspective on life, tend to be complex, mysterious and fresh.

Supposing a shabby chic interior design pops up, the people preferring this type of design would be optimistic. They would rarely buy furniture but pay attention to the minute details and very creative. Every piece of furniture is an important memory in life that was part of the moment. These people tend to be highly charismatic, social and artistic.

Last but not the least, if one has a classic interior design, they respect the beauty of life and are interested in politics as well as history. They are very well drawn by aesthetic values and tend to be noble, charming, rigid and ageless.

Every personality is made up of thousands of features and characteristics. Check out some personalities go for darker walls in the bedroom. We hope this post will be your guide in deciding your perfect interior design!.

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