How to Design A Sleep Friendly Bedroom

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April 12, 2018
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May 23, 2018

After a long day of adventure, each one of us desires to fall over the bed in order to fall asleep in a sleep friendly bedroom. Sleep is probably the most favourite activity for every living creature and therefore it is crucial that the place where we sleep be friendly designed.

However, there are many factors that can affect your sleeping habits like food, exercise, conditions like stress and anxiety, but equally important is the fact that the more friendly your bedroom interior is, the better you sleep. Amid all this, let’s find out some interesting interior designs that could change the comfort level of your bedroom. Henceforth making it a friendly-designed bedroom for a good sleep.

Mattress matters – Sleep friendly bedroom

Invest in a good quality mattress and pillow, they are the most important elements for your body to relax and have a nice cosy sleep to be energized for the next day. The first thing to remember when you buy a mattress and pillow is figuring out what size you need (King, Queen, or Full) because this may be the reason for your unlikely sleep.

Temperature controls your sleep

Keep your room cool in order to sleep well. A cool weather helps our body to relax and fall asleep. Another key point is having windows in the bedroom for fresh air come in while you sleep. Having plants in the bedroom also promotes proper circulation of oxygen and encourage healthy breathing certainly.

Darkness = Sound sleep

Make sure that there’s not much light in the room. Generally speaking, many of us are scared of the dark but frankly sleeping in a pitch-dark room lets you sleep better. Dimming the lights an hour before the sleep is an important point to realize. Check out some reasons why peoples go for darker walls in the bedroom.

Soothing ambience for a sound sleep:

In fact, the colour and design of your sleep friendly bedroom also affect your mood straightaway. Warm, pastel, light colours help relax your senses ultimately promoting good sleep and a happy day ahead. Having a clumsy interior design disrupts the flow of fresh air and prevents a good night sleep.

Surround yourself with good scent

One point often overlooked is the scent of the bedroom.  Surrounding yourself with soothing scents and consequently, soothing scents improve your mood and help you relax for the sleep.

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