Colors to use in Interior design

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May 4, 2017
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June 16, 2017

Colors to use in Interior design:-

Colors play a dramatic role in our lives but they are equally important for your interiors too. Picking the right color for your space can beautify it to a different horizon while a wrong color can spoil the entire look. If we notice the modern trend, “Bold is in” for every space, be it big or small. But an intelligent designer will make smart choices while picking a color for any space. Before you decide on renovating your space, jot down all the requirements and expectations. Industry experts will ask you the age-long 3W’s questions to know your needs better.

  1. WHAT is the function/purpose/use of the space you are choosing the color for?
  2. WHO is the end user of the space you are choosing the color for?
  3. WHERE is the location of the space you are choosing the color for?

After you are clear about your intentions you can start with your project. Here is a guide to picking the right color for you.

Let’s start with dark colors like black and brown. These colors were considered to be too risky to use. But if you ask a creative designer, he’d say, “It’s possible”. Black on the walls requires only two things: courage and well-designed spaces. And yeah! of course ample light. It’s known to all that darker shades of color can make space look less spacious. Well! It’s time to experiment. Even smaller spaces can look modern and elegant if all the other elements are chosen to contrast and enhance the effect of dark walls.

The modest white used for interiors will give it a sense of elegance and purity. And of course! Light hues make the place look bright and helps in enhancing the darker elements of the space.

Blue and green are colors which would look better on your furniture than your walls. Team them up with a light color and see how beautiful it looks. Green or blue should be used with some combination or pattern to make your room look pretty.

Use the humble yellow with its counterpart orange to bring your interiors to life. Yellow will always look handsome in the long queue of colors. Not only that, yellow used in home interiors can create a cheerful atmosphere, give a sleek look and can improve one’s mood. But don’t fall for its humbleness, a wrong hue or combination can blow out the grace of your interior.

To conclude I would say, pick the color that you love and plan how to incorporate the color into your interior. Trust me, your interior would reflect your personality.


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