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March 31, 2017
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You know some people who appear to have an incredible taste without breaking a sweat? After reading this guide of top 10 interior design tips from the best designers in the country, you’re going to be one of them.

Tip 1: Begin with your shading plan

For a head to toe makeover, the initial step is making a palette. Think of an essential shading plan for the entire house, and afterward let it percolate & evolve that space to the room. Sometimes the entirely straightforward plan always works like an imperial blue, a paler blue, a delicate orange, a grass green, and that is practically it. Be that as it may, it runs its course in various routes in various rooms.

Tip 2: Accessorise

In the event that you genuinely cherish something, you’ll need to put it in plain view. Utilise and make the most of your collectibles and extraordinary finds, particularly in a utilitarian room like the restroom to create an outward look of mystery & opulence.

Tip 3: Fake tallness with low furniture

Create an illusion of high ceilings by using low height furniture. Add mirrors to add scale to a room and make it look larger & more spacious.

Tip 4: Give the window trims a splash of rich colour of your choice

Most designers say that the windows trim are often the most overlooked when doing a make-over. Actually, they are the best chances to make a great impression. Regularly paint them to mix them in with the scene or interior accessories.

Tip 5: Show some grandeur with mirrors

When you walk into a decent salon, it looks so big and vast, when quite actually it’s just an illusion with mirrors. Mirrored panels will look elegant, provided justice has been done to them. Do not simply slap them on because that will look more commercial than a dream home. Try different patterns on the mirror to lend a look of reality.

Tip 6: Try not to hold back on the couch

If you have kids and are worried about your new design makeover going down the drain, we suggest trying something nifty. A sofa that takes up some space while looking classy and will last for a long time will actually add value to the interior, complementing the design as well. You don’t have to deny yourself that expensive designer fabric you love. Just replace it with something small, like a pillow.

Tip 7: Enhance a neutrals element with texture

Neutral decor can be interesting. Don’t forget to add a variety of materials that will lend a beautiful if not contrasting texture that will create a depth of view. Utilise a range of materials, from fine-gauge, open-weave linen to raw silk and velvet. Not only that, use a differentiation of matte sheens to retain the light and bright sheens to reflect light.

Tip 8: Use the industrial 50/150 rule

For the perfect colour, interior design experts recommend mixing one batch of paint, 50% lighter than the base and another batch which is 150% darker. According to experts, that’s a ‘fail-safe’ method to striping the wall. It is also a very architectural way of utilizing colour efficiently.

Tip 9: Dive deep in little spaces

Let not the small space make you ditch the need for an interior makeover. Our best interior designers believe, it’s about using your spaces effectively. You can try putting chairs with small arms in such a way that more of the space is given to the seat so it doesn’t cramp us your space or style. They feel luxurious and spacey even if they’re not that big.

Tip 10: Always go for paint colours that add value to the overall design

Any space can look bold and beautiful even at a minimal budget. It’s about picking the right paint and the right furniture & accessories in the room to ring our the planned personality of the room. An irregular twist to an otherwise OCDed room can add even more flavour than before.
With these tips from the leading interior designers in Chennai, you are not bound to go wrong. So what are you waiting for, look around, imagine a makeover and repaint your world with these simple yet effective tips!. Check out some painting tips for interior designs.

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